Group and Project Meetings: Spring 2017

Group A

Esther Márquez
Peter Štacko
Lenka Filipová
Marek Martínek
Tomáš Vranka

Group B

Lucie Ludvíková
Qiuyun Yang
Dominik Madea
Michal Poljak
Peter Horváth
Kristína Kosťová


photoCORMs (BODIPY); fluorescent probes for enzymes
PPGs (H2S, haloalkanes); photoCORMs
photoCORMs (Cy); azobenzene switches
PPGs (pyronins); click


RB photocatalysis; BR photochemistry
CO sensors
ROS sensors
pH sensors

Group Meetings: Spring Semester 2017 (Fridays, A8/309 at 10:00)

Sept 29
no GM

Oct 6
no GM (visit of Prof. Wirz)

Oct 13
Group A

Oct 20

Oct 27:
Group B

Nov 3
no GM (Liblice)

Nov 10
Group A

Nov 17
no GM (holiday)

Nov 24
Group B

Dec 1
Group A

Dec 8
Group B

Dec 15
no GM (Pec)

Organic Chemistry Seminars (Thursdays; A11/235 at 14:00)
XD 107 Student Conference (TBA; A11/132)

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