Research Infrastructure
Main Activity

The research projects are principally oriented to mechanistic organic photochemistry, emphasizing the use of photochemistry to solve interdisciplinary problems in chemistry, physics, and environmental sciences. Flash and pump-and-probe photolysis used in the kinetic studies is then the most important tool to produce transient intermediates of elementary reaction steps and their time-resolved spectroscopic characterization.

Unique Features

The Laboratory provides academic community with access to advanced time-resolved laser flash instrumentation and relevant expertise. All necessary instrumentation to solve the complex problems in the fields of organic and physical chemistry is located in the Laboratory or shared with the cooperating departments.

Key Equipment
  • Nanosecond laser flash spectroscopy system (170 ps Nd-YAG laser)
  • Pump-and-probe spectroscopy system (150 fs Ti:sapphire laser)
  • Fast transient kinetic measurements under cryogenic conditions
  • UV/VIS/NIR absorption spectroscopy (transmission and reflectance measurements)
  • Spectrofluorimeter (excitation and emission spectra)
  • Optical benches for steady-state irradiation experiments
  • Laboratory of organic synthesis
  • Walk-in cold room and photochemical cryogenic photoreactors
  • NMR, GC, HPLC, GC-(HR)MS, HPLC-TOF, MALDI (shared)

This facility is a part of the research infrastructure of the Research Centre for Toxic Compounds in the Environment (RECETOX), Masaryk University, enabling a top-level research related to toxic compounds in the environment, their behavior, transport, fate and effects and associated environmental and human risks. RECETOX has been included in the Czech Roadmap of Large Infrastructures for Research, Development and Innovation endorsed by the Czech government in 2010.


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